Find below everything you wanted to know about Emcee Recordings current and past artists on emcee recordings

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut,  Maverick Soul has been producing soulful sounds for the last two decades.  His style stems from a childhood of jazz piano study, playing alongside childhood friend Jeff Gitelman (The Stepkids), mixed with growing up on the east coast during the Hip Hop golden years.  In the late 90's he worked as a hip hop producer with acts such as The Unknowns, Fallen Angels/Free Agents & Manifest.


The evolution to Drum n Bass only seemed natural, since the rave scene really hit it's stride in the US during the Y2K era, pushing the envelope of sound and creativity.  During the early 2000's, he spent most of production work creating various styles of Drum n Bass with the crew Live Decibels alongside DJ Abyde and DJ Cue Two, supporting the Tri-state Area DNB scene. Today, his style has evolved even further to raw biting yet soulfully sweet productions.  Expect collaborations with some of of the brightest talents in the UK and US, and DJ & live show bookings worldwide.


"I used to make music to be somebody, now I just make music to be
myself."  - Maverick Soul.



With a reputation for clinical mixing and production back cataloge rinsed by the likes of Andy C, Grooverider, Fabio ,Goldie ,Krust and many more , South London DJ/Producer MECHANIZM (aka london pirate radios DJ Devastate) has been involved in the drum and bass scene from his early roots at London's legendary Eruption FM back in 1993. ​​

Forward to late 98-99 and a new chapter would begin in Mechanizms story, playing on London pirate Rude 88.2 and at internet stations in London including Interface, Gaia live, UK Rumble, Live 4 beats and many more a chance meeting with Bristols now well known Dj Clipz would start the ball rolling towards the first releases for the duo on UK Drum and Bass legend MC's GQs London based Emcee Recordings.

“Emcee has always released quality music and I think the vibe of my new

material sits well with the label.

​There’s a lot of emotion and feeling in the new tracks I’m releasing and a healthy blend of contemporary and nostalgic flavors. Some straight-up summer vibes

and some full-on tear-out too!”

Mechanizm, February 2012



CEO of The U wot blud recording studio and U Wot Blud Records!

Hospitality DJ competition winner!  

Valve DJcompetition winner!

Winner of the Innovation remix competition!


Dj Sets on bbc 1xtra with 1500 seconds of fame for mistajam,

and junglist soundclash for dj target on 1xtra.


Has tracks featuring on E4's newest TV series called Youngers 

Resident for Pure science & HARDsoul events -





The latest addition to the Emcee roster is Voyage, a DnB veteran who also cut his teeth presenting shows on pirate radio stations such as Underground FM back when Jungle first emerged in the early 90’s. ​​

A man with a deep, wide-ranging taste in music, Voyage has always been drawn to the darker, more experimental side of Drum and Bass. He cites artists like Photek and labels such as Metalheadz, Virus and Renegade Hardware as major sources of inspiration, and back in his pirate radio days, he used to produce, cut and play his own dub plates during his shows.

After years of carving out his sound, Voyage has perfected his technique by drawing from both the present and the past in order to create a new and original sound.

“My sound is deep and complex. The tunes I'm working on for Emcee Recordings are best described as abstract and metaphysical. I never work the same way twice so prepare for something different! “​

Voyage, April 2012


Producer & Dj from london, Justanyguy is fast becoming a serious contender in the Uk bass music scene.  While on a 1 year residency with Shoreditch based promoters Siren Dipity, he shared the line up with Twiggy Garcia, Cooks, Last Japan, Living Graham Bond, Arveene, A1 baseline, MJ Cole, Dj Zinc, french fries, Plump DJ's and many others, playing a dynamic set which features a lot of his own production. 

His style of production is influence by the many genres within dance music from his home town London.  Spending many years in the Drum and Bass scene, he found that he was most happy when producing all styles of electronic music, a lot of interest gathered around his slower tempo tracks which had a fusion of Electro, Garage, tropical, Drum and bass, Breaks and Grime, which he likes to put under the bracket of Bass, as this is still the core of his music.



Hailing from North London, DJ turned Producer ‘Sabre’ has slowly been risen through the ranks of the global electronic music fraternity, securing as he goes a reputation as a twisted yet soulful thinker, bringing a grittier sound to the deeper spectrum of the drum and bass and experimental electronica.

Now Recording for Critical


Jubei’s first home, MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings released his 2006 debut ‘Still There’ and ‘Harvester’, a pair of collaborations with Breakage that paved the way for another co-write, ‘The Struggle’ this time alongside Sabre for Breakage and Equinox’s Scientific Wax.

Now recording for the mighty Metalheadz


Breakage aka James Boyle early productions feature in the evolution of Emcee Recordings.

Moving effortlessly through styles from drum and bass to dubstep, Breakage has proved himself to be one of the most versatile operators in the scene to date​.

Now recording for Digital SoundBoy

A Production team consisting of DAKUAN-ALIEN, KID-ISLAZEBRA-from London/Barcelona

and the UK who were the last to release on Emcee in 2007 with the tracks Mi Corazon & Clinical.


The first artists to release under the Emcee

flag with numerous tracks under their belts over the 5 years they were with the label from 1999 - 2004. Now releasing music through Lockdown Recordings!​


After two years of perfecting his production skills, Clipz fulfilled his ambition and moved up to London, Clipz linked up with South London mate, Mechanizm and the pair formed a successful production duo.

Quickly snapped up by Emcee Recordings Clipz realised another life long ambition - to play in Fabric for the label.

Soon his tunes ‘Mystic Amen’ were being pressed to dubplate by all the big names and Clipz was becoming hot property across the drum and bass scene.

Full Cycle showed an interest in 2002 when Roni took Clipz into the studio and they checked out each other’s production skills. Clipz reached the end of his contract with Emcee Recordings and so was free to sign to Full Cycle.

Now Recording as Redlight for Digital SoundBoy!